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General Terms and Sales Conditions

The sale and service our web sites offers (" - -") are regulated by the following General Terms and Sales Conditions.

Services that are purchased on our portals are directly sold by Cooperative IL SOGNO a r.l

Cooperative IL SOGNO a r.l is registered in the Rome´s Companies Registration List n°354502/1997, C.F. and VAT 05379691008. The Cooperative headquarter is in Italy, in Via Adda, 111- 00198 Rome
Cooperative IL SOGNO can be contacted at the following email address( and telephone number 06.85301758 for all kind of information.



1. How to conclude the contract with Cooperative IL SOGNO la Cooperativa IL SOGNO.

In order to conclude the sale contract of one or more services of Cooperative IL SOGNO, it is necessary to fill out the order form in the electronic format or send email requests to Cooperative IL SOGNO.



1.2 In the order form there is a recap of the General Terms and Sales Conditions, of the payment methods for buying each service, of the delivery bought services methods and of the conditions of Right to withdrawal.



The contract is concluded when Cooperative IL SOGNO receives the order form by electronic means once it has been ascertained that all the information of the order is correct



Before proceeding with the purchase of the services through the dispatch of the order form, it will be required to read with attention the General Terms and Sales Conditions , print a copy of it using the print command and save or reproduce a copy for a personal use.



The order form will be filed in our database during the period that is necessary for the break of the order by law.



The contract with Cooperative IL SOGNO can be concluded in Italian and English.



When the contract will be concluded, Cooperative IL SOGNO will take on responsibility of the purchase order.



1.8 Cooperative IL SOGNO can decide to reject those purchase orders that don´t guarantee the ability to meet financial commitments or that are incomplete and incorrect, or rather in case of service unavailability. In this cases we will provide to inform by mail that the contract is not concluded and that Cooperative IL SOGNO didn´t proceed with the purchase order specifying the reasons.

If our online services are not longer available or they are in print during the last access to our web sites, or rather during the dispatch of the order form, Cooperative IL SOGNO will promptly communicate , and in any case within 3 (three) days accrued from the day after those in which the order was sent to Cooperative IL SOGNO, the unavailability of the required service.

In the case the order form has been forwarded and the payment price has been already effected, the Cooperative will refund the advance amount if the order won´t be dispatched.



Sending the order form by mail means to implicitly accept and follow this General Terms and Sales Conditions with Cooperativa IL SOGNO. If you don´t share some of this terms, you are invited to do not forward the order form for purchasing services on our portals.



With the dispatch of the order form you confirm you know and accept the General Terms and Sales Conditions



When the contract will be concluded, Cooperative IL SOGNO will dispatch by mail a receipt of the purchase order: General Terms and Sales Conditions, the information about the principal features of the service, the detailed price indication, the way of payments, the Right of withdrawal and the shipment cost ( in case of tickets´ purchase).



2. Services prices guarantees and indications



Products Prices could be subject to updates. It is necessary to ascertain the final sales price before forwarding the order form.




About the payment of the services price and its shipping charge, you can follow one of the methods indicated in the order form.



3.2 In case you want to pay with credit card, finance information ( credit/check card number, or its expiry date) will be forwarded by security protocol to BNL POSITIVITY and PayPal, that supply the distance electronic payment service, preventing the access of third parties or other information systems in protected mode (SSL). Moreover, these information will be only used by Cooperative IL SOGNO in order to complete the procedure for buying-in and issue the respective refunds after the use of the Right of withdrawal, or rather when it seems to be necessary preventing and informing the Police Force about possible frauds on portals.



Home Shipping and Delivery

Orders and shipping ( in case of tickets´ reservation) are an essential and significant part of the General Terms and Sales Conditions, and for this reason they are to be considered as completely known and accepted when the order form is going to be dispatched



Costumer assistance

5.1 You can ask for any kind of information to Cooperative IL SOGNO through our assistance services: Use the telephone number 06.85301758 to contact our CALL CENTER for any kind of explanation or eventual claims.



Right of withdrawal

The Right to withdraw a concluded contract with the Cooperative IL SOGNO without sanctions and without specifying the reason is possible within the 48 hours from the date of the service request.
If the Right of withdrawal is exercised following the methods and the terms of paragraph 7, Cooperative IL SOGNO provides to refund the eventual amount that has been already collected for the services purchase , including agency´s costs for the purchased services.



The amount will be refund as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 (trenta) days from the date Cooperative IL SOGNO gained knowledge of the exercise of the Right of withdrawal. We will start the refund process once the correct execution of the above mentioned terms and conditions has been verified, as paragraph 8 specifies.



If terms and conditions about the Right of withdrawal won´t be followed, as paragraph 7 specifies, you won´t have the right to receive the refund of the amount previously sent to Cooperative IL SOGNO;



Refund terms and duration

After the exercise of the Right of withdrawal, Cooperative IL SOGNO will verify the compliance to the terms and conditions indicated in paragraph 7. If the result is positive Cooperative IL SOGNO will send the confirmation of the nullified service acceptance by mail.



Whatever method of payment it is used, Cooperative IL SOGNO will refund you within 30 (trenta) days from the date the Cooperative gained knowledge of the exercise of the Right of withdrawal upon prior verification of the correct right execution.



The re-credit value date is the same of the charge´s one; for this reason the client won´t suffer any loss in terms of bank interests.




8.1 You can get information about the use of your personal data acceding to the Privacy Policy.
8.2   We invite you to read our General Conditions of Use because they include indications about the use of our users personal data and about the security system adopted.



For any other information about our Private Policy you can send requests to the mail address or to the address of our legal headquarter, Via Adda, 111 - 00198 Rome.



Governing Law and litigation solution

The General Terms and Sales Conditions are governed by the Italian jurisprudence and in particular by the legislative decree 22 May 1999 n°185 distance selling ordinance and by the legislative decree 9 April 2003 n° 70 about some aspects concerning the e-commerce.



In case of disagreement between the Cooperative IL SOGNO and the client, because of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Cooperative IL SOGNO pledges the full adhesion and acceptance to the conciliation service RisolviOnline. RisolviOnline is a institutional and independent service supplied by the Chamber of Commerce's Judicial Centre of Milan. It permits coming to an fulfill online agreement in a friendly way with the help of an expert and neutral mediator. If you wan more information about the rules or you want to solicite a coinciliation, acces to



Edit and update

General Terms and Sales Conditions are going to be edited every time, considering the eventual regulatory actions. The new General Terms and Conditions will be effective from the date of publication on our portals.