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JIA RUSKAJA Danzò e piacque
Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi
dal 16-12-2021 al 20-03-2022

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The programme of ORCHESTICA VARIATION, a project dedicated to Jia Ruskaja and her choreographic innovations promoted by the Foundation of the National Academy of Dance with the support of the Ministry of Culture - FUS, continues with JIA RUSKAJA Danzò e piacque. Costumes, photographs, documents (1921 - 1940), an exhibition born thanks to the collaboration with the Direzione Musei Statali Città di Roma, under the aegis of the director Dr. Mariastella Margozzi.

The exhibition project is curated by stylist and costume designer Giuseppe Tramontano, who has always ranged from dance to fiction, from theatre to cinema in a crescendo of creativity and invention...

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   Information sur l'vnement:

The initiative is hosted by the Boncompagni Ludovisi Museum for Decorative Arts, Costume and Fashion of the 19th and 20th Centuries (via Boncompagni 18 - Rome), a Roman Baroque building donated to the Italian State by Princess Blanceflor de Bildt Boncompagni, which now houses numerous private bequests that evoke the lively cultural climate of the early decades of the 20th century, including a collection of clothes made by famous designers and important tailors who illustrate the evolution of Italian fashion in the last century.

JIA RUSKAJA Danzò e piacque, born from an idea of Chiara Zoppolato, for the artistic part, and Daniele Cipriani, who is in charge of the general direction, opens on Thursday 16 December, starting at 4:30 pm, and will be open to the public for 4 months (until 20.03.2022). During the opening, the public will be introduced to SECRET D'OR - Homage to Jia Ruskaja, a work by choreographer Michele Pogliani, which had already been staged as a national premiere at RUSKAJA'S DAY (a day of study, memories and dances held last December 12 in the splendid setting of the Villa Torlonia Theatre) and created to celebrate the woman who revolutionised the art of dance in our country and that "way of being" capable of combining method, innovation and authenticity.

The exhibition, also sponsored by Confcommercio Imprese per l'Italia - Terziario Donna Roma, proposes a new and fascinating story of stage dresses worn by Jia Ruskaja herself or made for her productions, but also historical documents exhibited for the first time belonging to the historical archive of the Foundation of the National Academy of Dance.

Dresses, tunics, corsets and skirts from Ruskaja's first artistic production, as well as books, theatre programmes, sketches, writings and black and white images will be the protagonists of this seductive journey that will retrace the main stages of a period of great artistic ferment, at times even evoking the myth of classicism, whose codes and aesthetic values can be found in the Orchestica. 

For the first time, this exhibition will bring to light the many aspects and experiences of Jia Ruskaja, a woman in the vanguard and a good representative of a more modern female empowerment, characterised by the propulsion that brings out resources and abilities and distinguishes particularly talented and innovative women.

The exhibition is divided into a display of stage dresses made from 1935 to 1939, for which Ruskaja was choreographer as well as costume designer, true works of art created together with her personal designer Eugenia Rossi. The selected historical costumes, all made by famous tailors, such as Palmer, Werther, Idarella, known above all in the theatrical world, have been analysed and described analytically through scientific research conducted in the Foundation's historical archives by Gianluca Bocchino, through which it has been possible to find all the documentary material for the reconstruction of the reference performance. The historical contextualisation of each creation, the result of an analysis that goes from the first creative idea to its material realisation, has made it possible to create a true storytelling of the single choreographic piece.

Accompanying the exhibition are sketches that reveal the care and skill with which Ruskaja gave form to his choreographic creations, as well as the room programmes that describe the activities of the Ruskaja school. The photographic collection includes images of the dancers who wore those dresses during the performances and a selection of photographs of Jia Ruskaja, whose most famous shots bear the signature of Anton Giulio Bragaglia and Ghitta Carell, tracing her artistic life as a dancer and choreographer.

Visitors will be taken on a truly immersive journey, where each dress or related element is displayed as an authentic work of art that can tell an infinite number of stories.

Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9.00 am - 7.00 pm; last admission 6.30 pm. Admission is free.

For groups of up to 15 people, with or without a guide, booking by email is required from Tuesday to Sunday.

Please note that, for reasons of safety of the public and the works on display, the Museum has capacity limits for small rooms (less than 15 people at a time).

For information and reservations:
Tel. 06 42824074

Closed: Monday, January 1, December 25 except for special openings on MiBACT project as per DM 330 30/06/2016, Criteria for the opening to the public, surveillance and security of state museums and places of culture.

Free entrance. Please note that this Institute is committed to offering the public the widest possible visiting hours, in compliance with the criteria for opening to the public, supervision and security of state museums and places of culture set out in Ministerial Decree of 30 June 2016, while waiting for the completion of the planned competition procedures aimed at overcoming the current staff shortage and the consequent increase in the number of staff in service.


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