RistoTram with music

An historic tram, a restaurant, the Coliseum and your friends


A memorable dinner inside a Tram. It is possible to book up to 39 seats.
During the dinner, a professional guide will explain the all the historic route, passing the Coliseum area as well.
The ticket price varies from 50 to 60 euro per person and it includes a free travel guide for all the participants.

The dinner
The dinner takes 3 hours, from 8.30 p.m to 11.30 p.m and it finishes in Porta Maggiore.
During the dinner all the monuments of the tour will be explained.
It is possible to smoke a cigarette or come back home with your own car at the Coliseum or Piramide stops.
The tram will be chosen between the available ones. There are tables for 2 or 4 people and it is not possible to guarantee a place to everyone, but we will do our best!
For a buffet dinner all the tables will be removed with the exception of the table service.

The tour
Porta Maggiore, San Giovanni, Parco del Celio (with a stop for dining with the Coliseum view), Circo Massimo, palazzo Fao, Piramide Cestia, Ostiense station and going back to Porta Maggiore. During the tour, the guide will tell you the story of all the monuments, and for those who want, it is possible to make an external guided tour of the Coliseum (all included).
It is a classic, romantic and timeless tour which permits to dine with the best view ever.

The Menu includes:

  • Red or white DOC wine, mineral water, sparkling wine
  • Chopping board of cheese and cold cuts
  • Pink “lasagnette”
  • Sardinian gnocchi with nuts and cherry tomatoes
  • Roast veal with gratinéed potatoes
  • Fresh fruit salad or selection of desserts

The guide
During the tour a professional guide of Rome Municipality will liven up the participants explaining the origins and the evolution of the monuments. A travel guide will be given to everybody in remembrance of the tour.

The price
The price is 60 euro per person and it includes the dinner, the tram ticket, the insurance, the guide and the gift.

Book your tram!
A dinner with your friends at the Coliseum. A special night for you and your partner. A tasteful business dinner. A party to remember.
This is what you can do in the RistoTram!
You can book the entire tram for you, for a romantic dinner, a marriage or a special event, choosing the menu you preferred.
You can also book it for another type of event or a dinner with your friends
You can choose the wagon with 28 or 38 seats and the tour you like more between the two we propose.
The tour takes from 3 to 5 hours, staring from Porta Maggiore. The client can choose the time for leaving (from 9 a.m to 9 p.m). The dinner will be served in front of the Coliseum during a stop.
You can choose one of these options:

  • “Girando Roma”: menu with appetizers, main and second course, DOC wines, for talking and dancing. You can also add a DJ or a singer staying in the established price.
  • “Atmosfere romane”: complete menu for a tour with appetizers, 2 main courses, 1 second course, DOC wines and sparkle wine.
  • “Atmosfere romane elité: a special menu for a special meeting: a big selection of appetizers, 3 main courses, 1 second course and DOC wines.

The entire tram for a couple
An entire tram for you and your couple, with waiters, candles and music. Do you want to make the proposal?
Do you want to celebrate a special anniversary?
You can rent the entire RistoTram for you and your couple, for a romantic dinner by candle light.
The dinner will be served during a stop, and the tour would be liven up with a violinist or a duo.



Seats: 28
Year: 1920
Type: single car
Inner made by wood
Lace Tablecloths

It is the most ancient wagon, recently renovated, with a capacity of 28 seats ( standing up passengers are not admitted), the inner made by wood, and with 2 seats composing a table for 4 or 2 people. There is also a kitchen, a coatroom and a toilet. Tables are usually decorated with lace tablecloths and candles. Provided with heated and a small audio system.

Seats: 38
Year: 1950
Type:  Doble untie
Inner with fabric pillows
Damask linen

It is the biggest and untie wagon of the City centre, with a capacity of 38 seats ( standing up passengers are not admitted). The inner  is composed by  a small living room for 4 people8 2+2 with a central table. Green is the prevalent colour for the wall , the fabric pillows  and the wood tables. There is also a kitchen, a coatroom and a toilet. Provided with heated and a small audio system.

Info and reservations:
Viale Regina Margherita, 192 - 00198 ROMA
Tel. +39/6/85301758 - Fax +39/6/85301756
Email : cpasogno@romeguide.it